New domestic battery by Tesla Motors to live off-grid

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Publication date: 23 Junho 2015

By the summer, Tesla Motors will put Powerhall domestic batteries on the market. They will be used for charging cars, as well as having a constant power supply.

From California, Elon Musk presented the new domestic energy storing system, a new Li-ion battery pack designed by Tesla Motors, which can store 10 kWh or 7 KwH, depending on one’s budget.

According to Tesla, the storage pack will be available by the end of the summer and its cost will range from 2600 euros to slightly over 3100 euros. The price does not include the cost of the inverter and the storage system and the storage pack will temporarily be available for the American market only.

Nothing seems to be left at chance and also Powerall, as a trade mark, has refined, smooth and impressive silhouettes. The battery pack has the following size: 130x860x180 cm. It is an “almost” portable battery which can absorb the energy of “this handy fusion reactor in the sky called the Sun,” as Musk puts it.

Its aim is bringing several benefits to the final consumer, such as stocking energy when its cost is lower and using it when the cost per kWh rises, using energy self-generated by domestic solar panels and having a constantly available power supply in case of black out.

“For the first time, running your home on a battery will be affordable and easy,” stated Jason Ballard, TreeHouse  co-founder and president. TreeHouse is a kind of chain selling products for household’s sustainability.  ”I think in the near future, having a battery in your home will be as normal as having a water heater or a dishwasher. This just takes us one step closer to being able to power homes completely without the use of fossil fuels”.

However, someone does not consider the new battery pack as completely successful. For instance, Christopher Helman, interviewed by Forbes, is sceptical and describes it as “just another toy for rich green people”. However, it is worth noting that all the major companies, such as Panasonic, SiemensHonda and others have been working for years to find a cheap solution for energy storage. The final aim is a future where energy is self-generated, renewable and constantly available.

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