Sector Financiero

Foster investment into sustainable energy and increase investor’s confidence

The lack of proper certification, validation and assessment tools are key factors that hamper bank financing. In order to technically appraise the existing tertiary sector buildings and evaluate the environmental impact and energy efficiency actions that can be undertaken, Trust EPC South shall build upon Green Rating™ methodology. This framework offers a pragmatic and cost-effective approach: an assessment, benchmarking and decision-making tool based on six environmental criteria and four levels of performance that provides tangible results in monitoring and improving sustainability performance of existing buildings.

Weighting the 3 quantitative indicators (energy, carbon, water) and the 3 qualitative ones (transport, wellbeing, waste) the Green Rating™ delivers a benchmarkable rating used internationally by its clients to compare the sustainability performance of buildings and decide the most cost-effective measures to undertake.

The existing Green Rating™ methodology during the project lifespan, will be adapted and upgraded: firstly by covering tertiary sector segments (such as hospitality, healthcare, leisure centres, theatres, etc.). Successively, by expanding the Green Rating™ Methodology for the specific benchmarking purpose of Trust EPC South, with the inclusion of a financial assessment model to complement the existing technical Green Rating™ assessment. The integration of this financial assessment model shall complement the existing technical methodology and create a holistic score for EPC project benchmarking.

Trust EPC South aims at preparing the ground for investment by fostering investment into sustainable energy, increasing investor’s confidence and trust through standard evaluation methodologies and accompanying project developers in the economical and technical project structuring.

The introduction of new financial schemes and solutions can contribute to mobilize funds from the financial sector to EE/RES projects, thus mitigating the financial barriers.