Tertiary Sector “Potential Customers”

Improve Energy Efficiency development within the services sector

The tertiary (or ‘services’) sector includes activities related to trade, finance, real estate, hospitality, health, education and commercial services. According to recent studies*, especially considering the increase of the average electricity consumption per employee within the southern European tertiary sector, there is a significant space for EE improvement.

Apart from the availability of public support measures, the keys to unlock energy efficiency investment demand in the tertiary sector are to engage key decision makers and sector leaders with attractive investment returns and a clear business case, in order to increase their understanding of the risks and confidence. The demand for energy efficiency investments needs also to be supported by the availability of performance data (i.e. a track-record of successful investments), of standardized approaches to all investment phases, and of robust methodologies for the measurement and monitoring of savings against the initial baseline.


Trust EPC South aims to promoting EE in the tertiary sector with a series of activities aimed at raising awareness of EE benefits at key decision maker level, and by providing a tool allowing a clear quantification of such benefits, also leading to the standardization of the investment assessment and decision-making processes.


* http://www.odyssee-mure.eu/publications/efficiency-by-sector/services/