Trust EPC South, in each participating country, will deliver the following results:

A national discussion platform:
• Allowing financing institutions, EPC providers, energy efficiency specialists, ESCOs, national policy-makers, regulatory authorities and tertiary sector demand side, to discuss national market issues.
• Leading to a detailed comprehension of the financial and other practical barriers for EE and EPC projects.

A national market report:
Analysing the tertiary sector in each country and identifying the most interesting sub-sectors presenting an higher potential for sustainable energy investments.
• Identifying the suitable financial mechanisms and solutions addressing the EPC barriers and requirements and adapting them on each national level.

A set of capacity building and B2B matchmaking activities directed at:
• Demand side actors from the tertiary sector: hotels, hospitals, commercial centres, etc..
• EPC offer side: ESCOs, energy efficiency specialists, consulting companies, etc..
• Financing side actors: public and private funds, institutional investors, etc..
Support for pilot investment projects:
• Real cases, proposed by national stakeholders involved in the matchmaking activities mentioned above, will be used for testing the developed assessment and benchmarking tool.
• The Trust EPC South consortium will support the project developers in the search for financing.