The overall objective of Trust EPC South is to scale up investments on Energy Efficiency (EE) and Sustainable Energy technologies in the private tertiary sector of southern European countries, with particular focus on EPC projects. This objective will be achieved through the development of an ad hoc investment assessment and benchmarking framework building upon an established real estate assessment tool (Green Rating™) and supported with the organization of tailored capacity building activities that will allow project developers (including ESCOs and other EPC providers), project sponsors and private tertiary sector actors to more easily access third party financing, thus unlocking the large tertiary sector EE and RES market potential.

The main objectives of Trust EPC South can be summarized as:
Promoting dialogue and synergies between the EPC offer side, the tertiary sector demand side and the financing side.
• Developing, in strict cooperation with financing institutions and certification bodies, a robust investment assessment and benchmarking tool based on the existing Green Rating™ methodology and tools.
Providing training on financing solutions and EPC basics for financing institutions, investor groups, certification bodies, the energy efficiency services sector, tertiary sector actors, public authorities and policy makers.