Countries Involved

Geographically, the project is carried out in Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, countries showing a balanced mix of beginner and intermediate EE and EPC markets, in which we see both a need to improve the situation and a large untapped market potential in the tertiary sector. Furthermore, in the final year of the project the results will be extended to the Balkans area, thanks to the collaboration with the Association of Balkan Chambers and the network of contacts of the Greek and Croatian consortium partners.

The project is developed by an international consortium consists of the following organisations:

  • CREARA (Spain), a firm specialised in consulting services, engineering services, training and management in the sectors of energy efficiency and sustainability, coordinator of the project and leader of national activities in Spain;
  • Ambiente Italia (Italy), a research and consulting company operating in the field of energy and environmental sustainability. It is project leader and technical partner for analysis activities related to the energy efficiency market in the Italian tertiary sector;
  • Bureau Veritas (Spain), a certification body active in all participating countries that has developed the Green Rating™ methodology and that will coordinate its adaptation to become a standardisation and financial evaluation tool;
  • Green Rating Alliance (France), a non-profit association that connects leading real estate owners & investors, banks, auditing companies, industry bodies, measurement organisations and technology solution providers from across Europe. Leader in optimising the process of learning from the project’s results;
  • LifeGate (Italy), a media network and advisor for sustainable development, LifeGate is a for profit organisation that supports companies in their sustainable development process through an economic model where “People, Planet and Profit” live in mutual harmony, offering consultancy services for sustainable development, communication and renewable energy supply. Leader in the diffusion and communication of the project;

  • Technical University of Crete (Greece), one of the prominent academic and research institutions in Greece, which places emphasis to turn knowledge to mature solutions and practices as advisor to policy actors and productive units, experts on Sustainable Energy, leader in Capacity Building activities in the principle project and national activities in Greece;
  • Jesus Ferreira Consultores (Portugal),as an Esco in Portugal, provides the engineering, financial and implementation services of renewable energies and energy efficiency projects for all type of buildings. the complement of the company skills in research, innovation, development of new technologies, energy audit and certification give the capability to act successfully in all the areas. in the project sElf EnErgy EnginEEring & innovation is the leader for the creation of standardized EE/sE project models as well the national activities leader in Portugal;
  • ENERGIES 2050 (France), a private non-profit organisation based in France and active internationally that aims to drive environmental and societal change and implement and scale up replicable, concrete projects, leader of national activities in France;
  • Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar – EIHP (Croatia), a Croatian public institute built upon half a century of tradition in scientific research in energy, leader of national activities in Croatia;
  • Officinae Verdi (Italy), is the Energy Efficiency Group borne of the Joint Venture UniCredit-WWF. OV works in the energy efficiency sector as “System Integrator” combining services, technologies and finance to reduce company energetic costs and CO2 emissions. Within the consortium, OV evaluates the economic-financial sustainability of energy investments.















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