Investor Days: Working Together to Transform Energy Efficiency Across Europe

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Publication date: 8 September 2016

The Sustainable Energy Asset Framework (SEAF) and the Investor Confidence Project (ICP), are hosting a series of conferences that bring together Energy Efficiency (EE) industry experts and stakeholders, including Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), project owners, architects, and investors, in an effort to unlock investment for smaller EE projects.

The first Investor Days took  place February 2016 in Brussels and was hosted by the Investor Confidence Project (ICP). This event provided a forum to discuss progress made since EEFIG’s seminal report on the main challenges preventing energy efficiency investment across the EU.

The second event in the Investor Days conference series was held in Barcelona, in June 2016 . During this occasion, a diverse range of ESCOs and investors presented on best practices in energy efficiency projects and investment criteria used to evaluate viable projects.

The third event of the conference series will be held in Lisbon, November 2-3 2016. Investor Days Lisbon, will take this conversation one step further, focusing on recent developments in the Portuguese EE sector.

More information about the Investor Days can be found here

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