The Green Rating™ tool

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Publication date: 7 March 2016

The upgraded Green Rating™ tool, one of the main outcomes of the Trust EPC project, will be developed as a sustainable energy investment assessment and benchmarking tool addressing building and facility renovations, principally targeted to:

  • Banks and other financing institutions;
  • Real estate asset managers;
  • Tertiary sector stakeholders.

Further, energy efficiency services providers offering Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) may also be interested in using the tool, together with utilities and insurances, which will also be involved in the  project’s exploitation and dissemination process.

The tool may be used either to assess the feasibility of a renovation investment, or to verify an investment already proposed by an ESCO or an EPC provider. The tool will allow stakeholders to:

  1. improve understanding of the technicalities of energy efficiency and sustainable energy measures applied to buildings or facilities by accurately modeling them, evaluating their cross effects and translating them into energy savings;
  2. appreciate the effects of implementing such measures not only within the energy dimension, but also across the other 5 Green Rating™ indicators: carbon, water, transport, waste and wellbeing;
  3. improve understanding of the economical and financial aspects of implementing such measures, in a language understandable by the financing side, as the tool will be developed taking their point of view into account.

Overall, EPC and in general energy efficiency project risk assessment will be greatly facilitated by the Green Rating™ tool.


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