GREPCon service

The GREPCon service provides a standardized and independently verified approach to the identification and quantification of energy saving measures for tertiary sector buildings. This approach, building on further technical and financial calculations, allows for providing comparable investment evaluations, that can be trusted by the market actors and in particular by financial institutions.

The exploitation of the GREPCon service will be made possible thanks to the experience and the network of the Green Rating Alliance, that together with Bureau Veritas Iberia and the whole Trust EPC South project consortium have defined an optimal strategy to ensure its diffusion on the market.

It was established that, starting from 2019, the GREPCon tool and the methodology will be made accessible to all energy efficiency services providers, engineering firms and consulting companies or private consultants that meet certain energy efficiency expertise criteria and wish to be accredited as GREPCon Auditors, and thus empowered and authorised to provide the GREPCon service to all of their clients.



Offering the GREPCon service not only consists in the use of the GREPCon tool, but also in undergoing a detailed process including project origination, quality control and issuance of certifications.

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